Isle of Thieves

Weeks go by

Okay brodies..

Travis is going to start posting NPC’s up. We all need to work to keep this all up to date. Most of the things you need to know about wiki is to the right in the black. try to learn it. It’s pretty easy. We can help each other out. Please put a post down Here when you can.

The first "natural" twenty

The first natural twenty has been rolled, skills are climbing already. In other news, the first combat is underway…

It starts

First emails were sent out on the evening of the 28th. At this stage in the game none of us know who each other are. But we are starting our stories independent with each other. we will progress to a group but currently we are apart. Eventually I would like to start a wiki for each of you to create your own beginings.

So lets create spaces






Remeber. Don’t post anything yet! Wait until we know who each other are, but these are your own wiki page to keep up to date with what happened to your character previous to encountering everyone in the email. or whatever you want.


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